Kevin Locke, Tokeya Inajin is his Lakota name (meaning "The First to Arise"), is known throughout the world as a visionary Hoop Dancer, the preeminent player of the indigenous Northern Plains flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator. Kevin's popular in-school presentations are tailored to the needs, interests and developmental level of students.

The basic program is called The Hoop of Life. It is an interactive performance in a school assembly setting that can be in the auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, cafetorium, or even outside. The number of students attending this assembly can vary greatly, from 80 to 1,000. The performance is emphasizes being in harmony with those around you, no matter their culture, race, tribe, nation. The program features Kevin playing and explaining four flutes or various sounds and sizes, a Native American sign language demonstration through a beautiful Lakota prayer to the Great Spirit, stories using the flute as various animals, and of course, Kevin’s internationally respected Hoop Dance. The Hoop of Life story is nowhere better told than in the designs Kevin creates using hoops of four colors, signifying different cultures, the seasons, respect for the earth, and the unity of all peoples. (More about Kevin Locke)



Inca Son represents the music, dance and culture of contemporary Peru, and well as a glimpse into the Ancient culture of the Incas. These programs are offered in both school assembly format, and individual class sessions. Inca Son’s founder and Creative Director Cesar Villalobos, conducts school programs as a solo performer, or more often with two other Peruvian musicians and dancers.

The program’s intention is to educate children on the music and ways of this culture through performance and lecture, while providing entertainment through colorful costumes and visually engaging dance and showcasing of Andean instruments. (More about Inca Son)



Sally Rogers is an award-winning children's performer. She has won honors for Best Children's Recording twice: in 1992 for the song "What Can One Little Person Do?", and again in 1993 with "At Quiet O'clock". You can listen to these songs on our Music Page.

Sally has made frequent radio appearances on "A Prairie Home Companion" and the nationally syndicated "Mountain Stage." She plays guitar, banjo, and dulcimer and specializes in traditional folk music, and has several recordings of children's music.

Sally lives outside of Hartford Connecticut with husband and fellow performer Howie Bursen, along with daughters Maya and Malana. Her children's assembly programs of little people's folk music are filled with warm interaction and strong messages of self-esteem through understanding our roles in family and community.
(More about Sally Rogers)



Tommy Sands offers a wonderful K-8 program that combines simple song with a heartfelt message for peace among people of different viewpoints. Having lived his art and written his music in the midst of one of the world's most divisive regions, Tommy's message of peace comes from experience. Through Irish stories and his own songs, children and young adults are given an entertaining message of harmony and tolerance of our often times conflicting beliefs. Couched in sing-alongs and funny stories, replete with characters aplenty, the underlying message comes through in a wonderful warm session.

Tommy tells stories in that wonderful Irish brogue intriguing to kids and adults alike. There are spoken stories, and songs that tell stories. His emphasis is using song to talk about his native Ireland and some of the conflicts, and solutions, that have occurred there. (More about Tommy Sands)



Harmonia offers a variety of residencies and workshops, depending on the audience's interests, level of musicianship, and length of the workshop/residency. Workshops are available for audiences ranging from general audiences to elementary schools to graduate music seminars. Group leader Walt Mahovlich is joined by the other bands members in demonstration and lecture. These programs have been presented at Bloomington City Schools (Bloomington Indiana), Garfield Middle School (Garrettsville Ohio), Calsieu Parrish Schools (Lake Charles Louisiana), and Iolani School (Honolulu Hawaii).

I. School workshop on East European music
Target audience: Elementary, Middle School and High School students
Level: Beginning - Intermediate
Program: Harmonia presents an interactive concert: discuss East European geography, instruments, music and culture; they also demonstrate various styles/types of music. Program can be tailored to coordinate with social studies units, history units or multi-cultural fairs. It can also be tailored to students participating in instrumental and vocal music programs. Interactive program allows students to participate in singing and dance. For very young students (K-3) a lullaby is taught, as are children's dance games. Subject matter discussed is tailored to the grade level. Folk flute demonstrations are particularly interesting to schools with elementary recorder/song flute programs.
The main topics/activities include:

  • Locations of the countries and their cultural connections;
  • Instrument construction and performance techniques - specifically aimed at kids;
  • Performance experiences in Eastern European countries, musical selections from each country;
  • Cultural settings of the music growing up in Eastern Europe and among US immigrant populations
  • Dance - groups of students are taught traditional dance


Peter Ostroushko offers school assembly performances on violin and mandolin. The session is centered on the music. Peter talks about each of these instruments, tells stories about his travels across The Heart of the Heartland of America, and about the background of particular songs of places he has been. This is appropriate for any school or community organization who would like to simply give their students a concert featuring one of the best musicians on the planet and the former music director of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion. (more about Peter Ostroushko)
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