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Boys of the Lough christen a US ‘Castle’

Presenters' Feedback: Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble

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Boys of the Lough christen a US ‘Castle’
Boys of the Lough are inspiring a big renovation. Shannon and Rick Jackson’s mansion home in Sewickley, PA is undergoing a huge transformation to become the venue for the Concerts at the Castle performance series. Once a rundown piece of architecture, the 100 year-old home has undergone a makeover. Outfitted with new track lights and a custom-built stage, the home’s concert area is the newest venue for folk music, and Boys of the Lough are christening it on March 20.

With over five acres of property to its own, the Boys can bring the sounds of a true fireside ceili without fear of waking the neighbors. From the warm audience interaction, to Dave Richardson’s far yarns, to the expert traditional musicianship of the entire band both individually and as an ensemble, the Boys’ Ceili guarantees the Castle a proper introduction as a venue: with revelry well into the wee hours.

Learn about the Boys’ program (click here).


Presenters' Feedback: Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble
The Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble just completed several dates as part of their NEFA tour. Below are the comments from the presenters about the show:

National Museum of the American Indian
“The Artistic caliber of the dance company was excellent... audience members very much enjoyed the dance performances.”
Reinhardt College
“The first half of the program was a stunning ballet-style presentation of the struggles of a young woman trying to survive in the modern world while preserving her heritage and the values of her ancestors. The narrative is conducted via letters between her and her grandfather and was greatly appreciated by attendees as they left the hall. After the intermission, Kevin Locke provided demonstrations of Native American sign language and dances, and invited participation from the audience. Approximately 40 young people came onto the stage to learn hoop dancing in the morning session, and about 20-25 adults of all ages did so in the evening performance.”
Flint Cultural Center
“We received very enthusiastic responses from educators and students and strengthened our community connections – particularly with the educational institutions we served.
     The artists were well prepared and kept the attention of the students with humor and enthusiasm for the subject. The promotional materials, which included a teacher’s guide, were professional quality and were easy to access. We would recommend that other performing arts organizations contact the agent to schedule a residency.”
Castleton State College
“The Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble took the Castleton State College stage by storm with their enlivening production, “The Drum is the Thunder, the Flute is the Wind.” Through a brilliant array of color, beads, and feathers, the group performed a number of traditional dances that deeply affected audiences in both their evening performance, and their morning performance, the following day.
     The evening audience was an enthusiastic crowd of students in the [Castleton] program. The show was so well received that it was sold out, with many patrons anxiously waiting before the performance for an available seat. Once the presenters emerged on stage with a flourish of sweeping movement and sound, the crowd was captivated. In the second half of the show, Kevin Locke’s ensemble assembled members of the audience onstage to learn parts of the hoop dance. This interactive piece engaged the typically reticent New England audience deeply, and further created the sense of unity that was a theme of the performance.
     Students reflected on their experience with surprise and awe. Many students declared that they had never thought about the stories within each dance, or that instruments could represent the sounds of nature. Others linked fluid movements within the dance to Tai Chi and were touched by the spirituality that infused the dances.”

Learn more about the Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble (click here).


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For more than twenty years, Ixtlan Artists Group has represented virtuoso performers from Europe and the Americas who have a commitment to education and cultural diversity. Founded in 1986 under the name “Joan Sherman Artist Management,” the agency’s original mission of providing excellent folk artists has expanded to traditional world music artists who provide concert and educational experiences that open doorways to universal cultural understanding.

Each artist Ixtlan represents is a premiere talent in their idiom, and they take audiences beyond daily experience into the arena of performance virtuosity rich in cultural traditions. Ixtlan artists speak directly, not only to performance, but to making an impact, on and off the stage.

Through both stage performance and educational outreach, Ixtlan endeavors to provide a venue where performance is used as a bridge to cultural understanding, artistic awareness, educational involvement, and peaceful coexistence of shared ideas.

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