“Wild and free… an authentic Gypsy band.” – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Harmonia brought haunting resonance to music from a region that has suffered intolerable atrocities... violin, accordion and vocalist overflowed with bittersweet sentiments and proud, folkloric gestures. The musicians captured the heartfelt emotions with the directness of cabaret players performing for a select audience.” - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“… driving, urban roots music …” -The Knitting Factory, New York City.

A multi-cultural group of master musicians from several countries performing on authentic folk instruments, Harmonia presents the virtuosic and passionate traditional music of Eastern Europe.

Harmonia plays and sings folk music ranging from the Danube to the Carpathians. Its repertoire reflects the cultures of this region: Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian and Gypsy. Performing on authentic folk instruments, and styled after turn of the century East-European Gypsy bands, their music is drawn from both urban cigányzene and rural folk sources of Eastern-Europe. The ensemble's performances evoke the full range of human emotions; interspersing fiery, passionate virtuosity with soulful melancholy and nostalgic yearning.

The six-piece ensemble uses instruments as varied as accordion, upright bass, violin, panflute, and cimbalom, the 125 string hammered dulcimer. Capturing the emotion, depth, fire and passion of Eastern Europe; Harmonia's rhythms move in a heartbeat from mellow and dissonant to loud and frenzied. The musicians come from varied East-European backgrounds, finding a common musical language in Harmonia.

Their technical brilliance only adds to Harmonia's breathtaking performances - solos coupled with soaring violin lines, haunting flute and accordion solos and soulful vocals - are a joy by any standard. In addition to being polished performers, Harmonia's members are adept at explaining their music and culture - the ensemble is equally at home on the concert stage and in academic or workshop settings.

The musicians come from varied East-European backgrounds; in Harmonia they have found a common musical language. Harmonia brings to the concert stage the vitality and excitement of the music that inspired composers such as Bártok, Brahms and Lizst. Whether performing in these traditional settings or in concert halls, Harmonia's members stay close to their roots.

Band Members:
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Beata Begeniova (Vocals)
Andrei Pidkivka (Folk Flutes)
Alexander Fedoriouk (Cimbalom)
Adam Good (String Bass)
Walt Mahovlich (Accordion)
Marko Dreher (Violin)

“Harmonia is a select group of American and Eastern European musicians who blend Hungarian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Croatian influences. The seven-piece ensemble uses instruments as varied as accordion, upright bass, violin, cimbalom, taragot, and pan flute. Its rhythms move in a heartbeat from mellow and dissonant to loud and frenzied. Imagine the energy of the Pogues, only with a female singer and no drummer. Beata Begeniova Salak, from eastern Slovakia, has a voice as beautiful as her smile. A joy by any standard.” - Jason Bracelin, Cleveland Scene

“...I can’t express enough my appreciation of Fedoriouk’s remarkable and truly unusual talent - a talent that is very difficult to find here in the United States. His mastery of his instrument, the cimbalom, is most refined...” - Herbie Mann

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