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Tommy Sands – Songs and Stories for a Peaceful World
Sing Out Magazine proclaims: "Sands is one of the most important songwriters in Ireland if not the rest of the world." Long-time favorite of both family and folk audiences, singer-writer Tommy Sands focuses on song-as-story in his family program. Having lived his art and written his music in the midst of one of the world's most divisive regions, Tommy's musical stories of conflict resolution come from experience, with a heartfelt message for peace among people of different viewpoints. These workshops and concerts explore the challenges of living together in culturally complicated environments by using songs like Daughters and Sons and There Were Roses, which were written about the religious and political conflict in his native Northern Ireland. The Belfast Telegraph describes Tommy's programs as including: "... the gentle songs of a gentle man, ringing out above the tumult and the shouting ... through people like Tommy Sands there will be an answer."

As important and powerful as Tommy's message is to children and parents, his performances equally include the sublimely silly, with rambunctious sing-alongs for kids of all ages. Tommy tells stories in that wonderful Irish brogue intriguing to young people and adults alike. There are spoken stories, and songs that tell stories. Replete with characters aplenty, the underlying ideas come through in a wonderful warm session.

Tommy's children's CD, Down at Bendy's Lane, a recording of "pure fun", is available to complement the performance.
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Sally Rogers – What Can One Little Person Do?
Sally Rogers is an award-winning children's performer. She has won honors for Best Children's Recording twice: in 1992 for the song What Can One Little Person Do?, and again in 1993 with At Quiet O'Clock. Sally has made frequent radio appearances on "A Prairie Home Companion" and the nationally syndicated "Mountain Stage."

She plays guitar, banjo, and dulcimer and specializes in traditional folk music. Her family programs are traditional interaction concerts that focus on participation by the children. One of the most beloved children's song writers in America, Sally's songs and sessions of "little people's music" are fun and folky, with warm interaction and strong messages of self-esteem through understanding our roles in family and community. She also discusses issues on the daily news, and gives kids ways to respond constructively, drawing this material from her recording Peace by Peace. Many important global issues come into the concert as well, such as protecting and respecting the environment, as represented by her recording Piggyback Planet, which won the 1990 "Parents' Choice Gold Award" - Parents' Choice Magazine.

Sally lives outside of Hartford Connecticut with husband and fellow performer Howie Bursen, along with daughters Maya and Malana.
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