Our name, Ixtlan, comes from the indigenous history of the Americas. It's an ancient Toltec word. There are in fact three real cities in Mexico that bear the name: Ixtlan del Rio, Ixtlan de Juarez, and Ixtlan de los Hervores. But we prefer to think of Ixtlan as a mythical city that each of us journeys to in many ways, especially through the performing arts, through music and dance.

The Ixtlan Artists Group is an eclectic ensemble of traditional artists from Europe and the Americas. Harmonia gives us the European traditions of Gypsy music and music of the Balkans. With his songs and warm spirit, Tommy Sands shares the struggles and joys of Northern Ireland. Irish dance, with a contemporary “ModErin” flair, comes through in the choreography of the Darrah Carr Dance group. The Celtic music of Northern Spain is experienced with Asturian legends Llan de Cubel. The music traditions of the Mediterranean, with a special blend of flatpickin’ guitar, comes from master player Beppe Gambetta.

Particularly exciting are the music and dance ensembles of the first peoples of the Americas. Native American traditions are brilliantly displayed through the dance theater group, The Native Dance Ensemble, an award-winning group with both historical and contemporary aspects. From South American comes the renowned music and dance of Inca Son, Peru’s premiere performing arts ensemble.

A more contemporary interpretation of the traditional arts is offered through the artistry of Peter Ostroushko. Peter is the rare combination of composer and revered multi-instrumentalist (mandolin and violin). His compositions speak to the American landscape at the Heart of the Heartland, while his performances range musically from Ireland to Brazil to Americana to his own Ukrainian heritage. And Peter teams up with Beppe Gambetta for a one-of-a-kind double-bill that will amaze your audiences.

Babatunde Lea’s jazz percussion conjures up the ancient spiritual traditions rooted in the depths of Africa and spread out across the African Diaspora of the modern age. And Anthony Brown offers insight into the struggles of African-Americans, through the song programs The Underground Railroad and The Spirit of Paul Robeson.

Please enjoy browsing our web site, where we are sure you will find artists capable of dazzling your audiences with critically acclaimed performance skills, as well as artists who have the ability to make your audiences think. The performing arts experience of cultural diversity that is entertaining, educational and meaningful. This is Ixtlan Artists.